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Tomato RAF Pata Negra

The best RAF: a premium variety, a little more uniform than...

Price €4.13

Green asparagus Jumbo

They provide us with vitamins and minerals, they are diuretic...

Price €3.90

Baby Cucumber

Refreshing above all, it is very digestive and depurative

Price €2.80


Love yourself with Bimi... This vegetable also takes care of...

Price €2.40

Mezclum Salad

A mixture of different varieties of young and tender leaves

Price €1.73

Fresh Lettuce

It provides abundant vitamins and small doses of minerals daily.

Price €1.91

Tomato in Rama

Perfect for salads full of flavor

Price €1.06

Extra Pink Tomato

Intense taste and an aroma reminiscent of tomatoes from before

Price €1.15



Price €5.58