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The sweetest of all diuretic, depurative and remineralizing...

Price €5.70

Special Mango

The tropical fruit par excellence for its peculiar and...

Price €5.80

Bulk strawberries

They brighten the eyes and are very healthy: vitamin C, iron...

Price €3.40

Clementine Mandarins

Juicy winter gift, provides all the vitamin C you need a day.

Price €0.50

Blue Tomato

The benefits go beyond its color

Price €1.20

Raspberry Tray

Numerous properties and high antioxidant capacity.

Price €2.90

Kiwi Gold

Fruit of Nueva Zelanda, sweeter taste than green, thinner skin...

Price €2.30

Extra Canary Banana

Its characteristic specks are an unmistakable sign of flavor...

Price €0.50

Blueberry tray

Fruit rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.

Price €2.30

Blackberry Tray

The wild fruit that provides the most antioxidants

Price €3.50

Pink Lady Apple

Between sweet and sour very digestive, energetic and refreshing

Price €0.80